African Dance at the University of Arts, Musical&Show, Berlin
African dance

I have been wondering for quite a long time how the tools I have been gathering basically all my life and especially this past 3 and half years at the university of Arts Berlin will help me bring to life my own creation. This is one answer: almost at the end of my studies, I had the opportunity within 2 days to introduce and teach African dance to the first-year musical/show students.

The challenge for me was to make them dive through some basic African dance step somewhere deep in Africa far away from the classical technique of dance; to feel joy and most of all be able to express it through their movement. Delicate task for me knowing that none of them had done African dance before. From the feedback I received from all of them additionally and surprisingly from my dance teachers was encouraging and warming. I am overwhelmed, proud of myself and the result as team we’ve achieved. Dear first Year student, your openness and trust forged my confidence that created the fun, relax and hardworking atmosphere. Once more thanks to you. Thank you Sabine and Rale Dominik the drumming team. Rale, at the very beginning with your knowledge of Africa -where you’ve study-, you inspired me and so I knew we could collaborate and work together. This journey was short but worth it. It was a pleasure! To my Dance Prof Andrea Heil, this wouldn’t have been possible without your trust and your vision. I can’t say thanks enough. I hope there will be more opportunity like this.



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